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Your  signage is important.  A customer or client's first impression of any business or organization comes from their sign.  A negative image will be presented if a sign does not contain sufficient information or is not well maintained.  Attractive, legible, quality signage says "Come in - we're ready to serve you."  Custom sign design is what INNOVATIVE IMAGES does best. We would like to talk with you whether your business or organization is real estate, construction, retail, restaurants, EMS, or churches and non-profit organizations. We offer no obligation quotes. Let us help improve your First Impression and your business.

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Custom Signage
Backlit Pole Sign    INNOVATIVE IMAGES uses only the highest quality products and materials in the manufacturing of all custom signs to produce signage that is both professional and eye-catching.

 Commercial  Government  Backlit  Dimensional Letters
 Residential  Real Estate  Channel Letters  Changeable Copy
 School  Marketing  Billboard  Post and Panel 
 Church  Event  Directional  Interior
Dimensional Lettering Post and Panel Monument Sign Sidewalk

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Vinyl Lettering

Digitally Printed Window Graphics 


INNOVATIVE IMAGES can provide you with quality, custom vehicle lettering for all shapes and sizes of vehicles.  Vehicle Graphics are a great way for any company or organization to get its name in front of potential customers or clients.  Get the most from your advertising budget.  Vehicles, especially Cargo Trailers, can turn your fleet into a Rolling Billboard.  Cargo trailers, big rigs, pickup trucks, cars, vans, etc. can all be lettered at our shop or your location.  Let us help you decide between die-cut vinyl or digitally printed graphics.



 Die Cut Vinyl:

 Digitally Printed Vinyl:

   Premium (Standard Colors)

   Photographs/Complex Graphics


   Partial/Complete Wraps


   Window Canvas

    Specialty (e.g., Diamond Plate)



Digitally Printed Graphic Digitally Printed Graphic Reflective Vinyl Premium Vinyl

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Boat Lettering 

2-color Die Cut Vinyl 


INNOVATIVE IMAGES has been providing the highest quality materials and service for boat owners since 2001. Naming a boat is a time-honored tradition which makes your boat uniquely yours.  Custom-designed, high-performance vinyl boat lettering and graphics are the ultimate way to accent your boat with a name and/or eye-catching graphics.  

A graphic image adds a "special touch" to any boat name.  Choose from the many images we have in stock or provide one of your own.  INNOVATIVE IMAGES can also create custom graphics.  Whether you have a registered or documented boat, INNOVATIVE IMAGES is ready to assist you with the design and application of your registration numbers, boat name, and/or hailing port.  INNOVATIVE IMAGES will help you decide on the type of vinyl application that's just right for your boat and graphic choices.

Premium & Specialty Vinyl Premium Vinyl & Striping Digitally Printed Graphic & Die-Cut Vinyl Die Cut Vinyl (Name & Hailing Port)

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1-Color Magnets (1 for business & seperate 1 for phone #) 


INNOVATIVE IMAGES creates custom banners that are an easy and cost effective way to advertise an event or a special promotion. It enables a business to easily advertise and promote in various locations. Banners are also easily installed and removed to take with you wherever you go. 

Vehicle signs are a great way to display your company information on any car, truck or work vehicle.
Magnetic signs act as a billboard, but unlike permanent signs or vinyl lettering, these magnets
are removable and can be easily added to any vehicle.

  Digitally Printed Outdoor Banner Banner with 2-color Die Cut Vinyl Business Car Magnet Die Cut Vinyl & Digital Print

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Screen Printed Signs  
1-color Sreen Printed 24X18 Coroplast    INNOVATIVE IMAGES can provide you with quality, custom screen printed signs. INNOVATIVE IMAGES provides various types of signs, whether you need lawn signs, real estate signs, political signs, campaign signs, directional signs, yard sale signs or a birthday sign.  Advertise and promote your organization or business with our screen printed signs available in various sizes.
2-color Screen Printed Coroplast Screen Printed Political Sign 1-color 24X18 Colored Coroplast 1-color 24X18 Coroplast

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2-color Screen Printed Shirt    INNOVATIVE IMAGES can provide you with quality, custom screen printed T-shirts and apparel. INNOVATIVE IMAGES provides various types of apparel, whether you need to advertise your business, organization, fundraiser or just want custom apparel. Advertise and promote your organization or business with our screen printed tees, hats, etc.  available in various sizes and colors.
3-color Screen Printed Shirt 2-color Screen Printed Shirt 1-color Screen Printed Shirt 2-color Screen Printed Shirt

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Neoprene Screen Printed Coozies   

INNOVATIVE IMAGES can provide you with quality, custom screen printed Coozies. Coozies are designed to be a great promotional item that will come in handy for many occasions, but they are also a great and fun way to display your company logo or business. Use them the next time you launch a new product, introduce your company to a new market, promote your business or have a trade show booth. They are also great at company picnics, weddings, and any other special event. Let INNOVATIVE IMAGES create your custom Coozie holder today!

1-color Neoprene Screen Printed Coozie Neoprene Bottle Suit with Zipper 1-color Neoprene Screen Printed Coozie 1-color Neoprene Screen Printed Coozie

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Promotional Products
Political Fan   

INNOVATIVE IMAGES can provide a wide range of promotional products including tumblers, balloons, desktop gifts, coolers, lighters, awards, mugs, decals, bumper stickers, pens and pencils, custom calendars and many more too numerous to mention.  Whether you need a promotional product for an upcoming tradeshow, business, organization, weddings, parties, or a promotional item for a corporate holiday gift, we have everything to meet your needs.

Carpenter Pencils with Logo Mug with logo Auto decals

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